I am a writer. Here are some of the things I have written:

Clockwork—A literary heist novel about a veteran conman being conned by a woman he once conned, assuming he can’t con her first.

Jamison Blake Mysteries—A contemporary detective series with a science fiction horror twist:

  • Maximum i/o—What starts as a simple missing person case leads Blake into the bleeding edge of neuroscience when he uncovers evidence of widespread mind-control.
  • Edge of Change—When Blake tries to help a grieving mother get closure on her daughter’s presumed death, he finds unlikely opposition from the spirit world.
  • The End Of The World As You Know It—Personal tragedy propels Blake headfirst into his darkest case yet, with his own sanity on the line, and the world’s survival.

Natural Monsters—When a family shelters in place from a deadly pandemic, they slowly realize that the real danger is coming from inside the house.

Books you will never read—Nonfiction reviews of classic books offered as a convenience for people who quite reasonably choose to do other things with their time.